Iberostar Tucan, Mexico

Wow! Believe all the great reviews you read because this resort really is fantastic! The beach is big, there are 2 volleyball courts and loads of beach chairs. There are very few sales people on the beach so it is pretty peaceful. You can also go for a great long walk in either direction. The pool is also large with 3 cabanas for resting and relaxing. You should know that the beach is topless so if this is problematic for you then it is best to stick by the pool area. Many reviewers have written about the beach chair problems…agreed by 7:30, 8am at the latest the cabanas by the pool are taken and the beach chairs under the huts are snapped up. However, there are chairs on the beach and you can get an umbrella at the towel hut. We were always able to get chairs by the pool so while the prime locations go early, you will still be able to find a seat.

The resort is built right in the jungle so be prepared for peacocks landing on the balcony, monkeys screaming at the top of their lungs and various animals scooting about here and there! I thought it was fantastic and got some amazing pictures.

The food choices were definitely adequate and the ice cream stand on the beach is brilliant! The alcoholic choices are great and I was happy to be able to indulge in sparkling wine. We went to the Japanese restaurant and it was a fun show with excellent food.
I was able to have a massage in the jungle…it was outstanding! The massage prices are extremely expensive and they are not willing to haggle. My friend won first place in one of the pool games and got a massage as a prize which she gifted to me! The therapist was excellent and the jungle setting so exotic and calming…truly an outstanding experience.

As an additional note, if you go to Cozumel you can go to the Iberostar on the island. Just check in at the front desk and you get to experience another resort!

The highlight of the resort is definitely the Star Friends entertainment team. They are energetic, kind and genuine. They are very sincere in their interactions and conversations with guests and make you feel special. Mauricio is amazing! His passion and pure enjoyment for what he is doing is contagious. Join his yoga, aqua-fit and Zumba classes for fun and a true show! Carlos was actually able to teach me to dance and is therefore a miracle worker! There are so many activities that I was able to take part in everything I wanted to do! The nightly shows are very well done. The Mexico show will blow your mind…the dancing is intense. I also loved the Boogie Nights show as it was all live music with a lot of energetic dancing. The house band that plays every night is incredible…wow the horns will blow your mind!
This resort is a great place to enjoy a wonderful holiday and I am sure you will not be disappointed!



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