We arrived in London from Canada at 3pm and had a connecting flight at 7am; this was the perfect hotel to freshen up, go for walk, grab a pint, and hit a good night’s sleep. The hotel is easy to find and only 10 minutes on the Hoppa Bus from Terminal. The reception staff was great and accommodated our request for a room with full view of landing aircraft. The hotel is clean, quiet and close to restaurants and shops. The rooms are decently outfitted and the bed quite comfortable. You get 30 minutes of free wifi and 24 hours costs 3 pounds. 30 minutes was all we needed to check our email, send out a few tweets, and check in for our connecting flight. We were able to watch the first FIFA World Cup match in the restaurant over a few pints. We got our room for 40 pounds online on a super saver promotion and I am not sure you will find a better deal.

Now a word about how to get to the hotel. I used the Hoppa Bus website: http://www.nationalexpress.com/wherewego/airports/heathrow-hotel-hoppa.aspx to check out time and price. I didn’t love the price or time from Terminal 5 so we decided to take public transit, I heard it was possible but didn’t have details although this site: http://www.londontoolkit.com/lhr/heathrow_local_buses.htm did help. So after some searching and trial and error…here is the scoop. Exit the airport and head to local bus stop #6-there are lots of signs so you will see it easily. You will catch the 423 which is a free bus and take it to Harlington (sorry can’t remember the name of the stop because this is the point where the bus turned- we should have got off and at that moment we realized we were going the wrong direction). It takes about 30 minutes to get there. Be diligent as we missed this stop (it is where the bus turns) and had to take a scenic tour. Get off the bus when it still on Bath Road. There are any number of stops you can get off on and catch the 105 or 111. These are not free buses. One adult fare is 2.40. The ride is about 5 minutes…ask the driver to tell you when to get off and it is about a 4 minute walk to the hotel. From what I could see it was cheaper and quicker than the Hoppa. It took us 50 minutes (including getting lost plus the short walk). We did take the Hoppa in the morning. It took us 10 minutes from hotel to terminal 3 and cost 4.50 each. The Holiday Inn Ariel is the last hotel on Bath Road the free city bus will take you to.

So once you find your way you have a great hotel with enough free wifi to check email, a restaurant to catch a match, shops to pick up forgotten items, and a great Indian restaurant close by.


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