We finally scored a seat!!

Our second outing found us with a coveted seat in the very busy Dairy Lane Cafe. You either have to arrive very early or go quite late and even at that point you will be lucky to snag a seat. A small venue coupled with amazing food makes this a very popular brunch spot. The breakfast  menu has an excellent variety and it is so easy to eat vegan and gluten free. The portions are gigantic and I guarantee you won’t need to eat for the rest of the day!! I had the breakfast tostadas. The potatoes and tomato jam were outstanding…frankly the whole dish was so flavourful. Darek had the Croque Madame which was a special of the day and it was divine! The Engel’s bread is amazing and the whole dish was well balanced and he said the meat was outstanding. We really loved everything about Dairy Lane, the vibe, the excellent service, and the attention to vegan/gluten free/locally sourced/meal-share makes it a real hot spot that I would love to revisit again! Again, this ran us around $43.00 with tip.



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