Pure Raw Yummy…

Some days you need to do a little spring cleaning and nourish your insides with vegetables and all the nutrients and goodness they provide. After a week on a resort in Mexico we both needed a nutrient injection! While we usually juice daily at home, on the resort our daily juice was more of the alcoholic kind than the vegetable kind (although I bet I could make a case for potato vodka being a main food group)! So we were so happy to stumble upon Pure Raw Nature in the Symons Valley Ranch Farmers Market.  Pure Raw Nature is an organic plan based green juice and smoothie bar. It is so easy to eat raw, vegan, and gluten free and you know you are nourishing your body with fantastic fresh produce.  I had a gigantic green juice and my liver jumped for joy after a week of mistreatment. I also had a homemade protein bar which was so full of nuts, seeds, and chewy flavour! A  juice and protein bar only set me back just over $13.00- easily the cheapest brunch we have had. I stayed full well into the day and had a load of energy.  The best part…the owners are amazing! So kind, so passionate about healthy food, and very obviously in love with what they are doing! This gem of a place was a great find and is a fantastic spot for a nutritious and great tasting snack!!



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