Brunching about Town

I love brunch.  Yet oddly enough we rarely go out for this weekend treasure as we intend to whip up eggy creations in our own kitchen. But to rid ourselves of the winter blues we thought we would start up brunchy Saturdays and see what Calgary kitchens have to offer!  Our first outing was to 80th and Ivy down on 17th Ave. We hit the last weekend of their brunch menu as they have now switched to a brunch buffet…so I guess we will have to make a return visit! Listen I don’t know any restaurant in Calgary that does rotisserie chicken like 80th and Ivy…it is absolutely amazing! So we both had the roasted chicken skillet…it was a no brainer. Potatoes, eggs, chicken and the crowning glory…housemade tomato jam. The serving is gigantic and we loaded up on the tomato jam…honestly it was amazing…tasted like my mom’s homemade tomato chilli. The skillet also comes with toast and a lovely fruit compote. 80th and Ivy is very easy to eat gluten free and they accommodate food sensitivities as well much as possible. We had tea and was happy to know they source from The Naked Leaf in Kensington. Brunch ran us around $45.00 with tip and we had such a relaxing time in the amazing atmosphere what it was well worth the spend. I am interested to see how the buffet is working….stay tuned as we may check it out in the next few months.



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