Fastest Minute Revisit: Winsport

It is no secret that I am not a fan of winter; however, the sport program at Canada Olympic Park is well worth the visit. For those not too keen to try winter sports, the Sports Hall of Fame is a great museum and well worth the time. While there is snowboarding, skiing, and ice sports- the most exciting things, in my opinion, are the bobsleigh and the luge. Now if you have shoulder or neck problems then please don’t attempt. The bobsleigh especially gives your body a darn good jolt. If you are a pretty poor luger, as I turned out to be, you could walk away with some bumps and bruises.
The bobsleigh comes in at about $100.00 per person- likely one of the fastest and most expensive minutes of your life and absolutely well worth it. You start out with a safety briefing, helmet fitting, and a briefing on the ride. We were then introduced to our driver and set up into trios. I sat behind the driver and my basic job was to hang on. At first I thought this “sport” was pretty lame. At the top of the run there was very little action, and the…all the sudden…bam! We picked up speed and the corners came fast and furious. Thinking was not an option for most of the ride…every single sense was on edge…wow!!! Then the G forces hit! Wow..I have never been so humbled by the force of nature. I had no bodily control, couldn’t resist the crushing power. They said it would be like a 300 hundred pound man sitting on me…well I think it was more like 500…it was the craziest feeling I have ever had in my life. At the finish line my wobbling legs barely peeled me out of the sleigh. Then the adrenalin and exhilaration kicked in…wow!!! The feeling was amazing and my admiration for the type of athleticism it takes to do this sport is beyond words. Once it is all over you get a picture with your crew, a commemorative certificate and, of course, bragging rights!! I still talk about this experience….just amazing! You can read more on my post of this experience.
The second experience you must try is the luge. At $35.00 a pop it is a easier price point for most but if you wish to ride more than once there is no pro-rated ride fee so it is another full $35.00. You get a helmet, a safety chat, and a demonstration..then a push down the hill! You get 5 turns and people clock around 50-60km. While it was a good experience, luge is not my thing. I couldn’t relax, lay back or even remotely get the hang of it. I had one spectacular crash which mangled both my elbows and another lesser crash involving my legs! While it was fun to try it and I am so glad I took the opportunity, I was pretty damn glad when the whole thing was over! Laying down on a bit of canvas and wood going down an icy hill is really not my thing and wow though…sure gets the blood pumping!


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