19 Okanagan Grill & Bar…what a treat!

Located on the West Bank this is another fantastic golf course restaurant. When you make reservations ask for a patio seat so you can enjoy the expansive view of the grounds and the lake. We arrived early so that we could walk around the grounds. When we were seated we were just in time to what another fantastic sunset.

Our evening started out with amazing customer service. The hostess was extremely accommodating and our server was knowledgeable, fun, and bent over backwards to meet our dietary needs. In fact, this was the best customer service we received on our whole vacation in Kelowna. The food is flavourful and our entrees were both outstanding! The portions were huge and the taste so good that we just couldn’t stop eating!! We felt that the price point was extremely good value for money. This was our favourite meal during our vacation in Kelowna, and we had a lot of great meals! I loved that they had some wonderful lesser known local wines on the menu. The collaboration of great scenery, outstanding service, and fresh flavourful food created an extremely enjoyable evening. We look forward to returning!


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