Chicago by Foot

So you may be wondering…”Stinky Onion” what is she talking about???  Well this is just one of the amazing tidbits of information you will find out on the Architecture Tour.  This tour is very highly recommended on Trip Advisor and I couldn’t agree more.  We went with Shoreline Sightseeing as they are family owned, smaller and came very highly recommended.  You even get $5.00 off when you purchase online.  If you don’t take the time to do this, then you are nuts! It is a great way to see the city while learning a tonne of fascinating information.


The other must do in my opinion is The John Hancock Centre.  We went early in the morning so no line ups and I would recommend getting up early is worth it- the place can get busy.  The view is stunning and it is really just fun and worth the couple of bucks you spend on admission.  We did this on our first full day in the city so we could see exactly where everything was and we began to really plan the rest of our day.


The beaches- what can I say. The city sits on Lake Michigan and the walkway is great for running, strolling and people watching.  You can definitely swim in the lake but for me September water is a little too chilly.  I ran the walkway every morning and while it is crowded with joggers it was never too crowded and just made for a great running scene.  Ohio Street beach is great for laying down and relaxing or making sand sculptures or going to Caffe Olivia for a killer cocktail!

After staggering off the beach we made our way to Navy Pier where I convinced my husband to jump on the 150 ft high ferris wheel for a fantastic scenic view of the whole city- it was great!  Navy Pier seemed to be always jumping with music, people and fun.  Amidst the rides and candy floss we happened to bump into the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows- wow-it was completely amazing. I would recommend finding your way there.  There is also some amazing public art in front of Navy Pier and they are worth taking a gander at and maybe posing with a few!



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