Seattle by Nose

This was our third visit to Seattle and I am shocked that I have never smelled this city before because it is a nasal ode to joy.  How have I missed the clean air with hints of cedar or the muted notes of lavender and petunia?  Now that my nose is awakened I feel that I am truly experiencing Seattle in its fullest splendour! It started with the opening of the car door on our first night, it had been raining and the fresh oxidized air that hit my nose caused me to reel back a few steps- my lungs screamed in escalation and as my brain finally a caught up to the sensation I recognized that our dusty dry prairie air is about as lifeless Demi and Ashton’s marriage and this clean fragrant smell was as invigorating as a shot of vodka- yowza! We quickly checked in to our hotel and headed down to the market area to take in the Friday night sights and sounds and I was hit again by that fresh fragrant air, flowery and clean like a laundry commercial.  We headed to Lola’s for supper and yes I am a chef Douglas groupie- I love his food, I love his style and we have had great experiences at Etta’s but Lola’s was different because I think for the first time I was really tuned into the subtle scents and charming notes that make truly and amazing dining experience.  The heady undercurrent of lamb cut by the sweet smell of fig topped with the faint scent of caramel and that was just the appetizer!  We had the best seat in the house with a view to the kitchen.  Watching freshly boiled potatoes being mashed with herbs and the fragrant perfume transported me to a vacation long ago in northern Italy.  I could feel the warm summer Italian air on my skin and hear dogs barking in a distance as the fresh herbs led by oregano marched through my nose.  Now at this point it is important to note that I had not taken any halluencgeic drugs nor was I alone in this olfactory journey- my husband too was enjoying the sensation of smell and we cerimonously named this holiday the vacation of the nose.  Over the next four days our noses went into overdrive as we experienced food, wine and even the city in new ways.  Our next day took us back to our market favourites starting this expidition with peroshky; the sharp cheddar married with fresh green onion joining in a symphony with baking bread….an unbelievable tribute to the power of yeast and flour.  Next onto Beechers cheese from a slap in the face of pungent cow milk cheeses to the soft mellow note of fresh made cheese curds. Next to the cinnamon bakery where it is a gluten free dream come true…..the aromas of sugar cinnamon carmel and pumpkin dance in the air bracketed by the sharp distance smell acidic smell of freshly brewed coffee sweetened by an overlay of spicy chai coupled with the fresh ocean air.  From the smells of the market, to fine dining establishments to the underground tunnels our noses gained us a greater appreciation for this city.  Next time you are in Seatlle make sure you take time take a good whiff of the city as it will bring a new appreciation to everything you see, eat and drink!

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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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  1. Finally, you have pinpointed why we love Seattle so much — it smells good! Oh, and I was born here, so I hope I smell good, too.

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