Powder Paradise in Fernie

Now I am a little slow getting to this post, however, here I am. Last year we decided to scratch an item off our bucket list: snowboarding. Everyone told us to try it out in Fernie, just a 3 hour drive west. We heard the powder is always spectacular, it never feels crowded and the ski school is spectacular- I will agree on all counts!

Now the drive to Fernie will take you past the famous Frank Slide and the Burnis tree- things I detail in other posts. It will also take you past the Cinnamon Bear Bakery.  Stop in- this place is fantastic! You will love everything they make! The cinnamon buns are to die for and the gluten free options continue to grow everytime we pass by.

Once in Fernie we stay at The Cinnamon Bear Lodge.  This is the best bed and breakfast we have ever stayed in. We love this place!  Stayed there twice…cant wait to return! So let me elaborate…we visited Cinnamon Bear in January. Making our reservation was a simple easy phone call and we had good flexibility with our check in time (all we wanted to do was drop our stuff, change and hit ths slopes) this was no problem and allowed us to maximize our ski time. Jason and Cath are the best hosts, they are both active so understand your desire to hit the slopes and they are so personable and accommodating they are truly the best hosts.  So let me break it down:
Reservations: one phone call- easy peasy
Hosts: kind, generous, fun, interesting, helpful, knowledgeable, fantastic, wonderful….
Breakfast: outstanding!!!! I am gluten free and there was no problem. The breakfast was filling, tasty, excellent product, never the same and always hot!!! Really I still dream about the taste….absolutely outstanding!!!
Snack: yes that’s  right snack……when you come home from the slopes you are greeted by a home baked loaf….honestly it is so perfect after a day of skiing to just relax with a cup of tea and a sweet treat.
Room: we stayed in the Koi Chang room both times-we love this room… so spacious, such a great view, such a comfortable bed, such incredible snugly sheets and comforter. I also felt that I had a great amount of quiet, privacy and comfort. Best thing…a towel warmer in the bathroom so your wet ski gear gets dry and your towels are warm once you step out of the shower.
House: seriously amazing! So there is a games room, living room and big breakfast room.  First time around we never made it downstairs to the games room because we spent our nights cuddled up by the fireplace in living room. It was wonderful we had a roaring fire, candles and because tea, water, hot chocolate and coffee is always available we enjoyed hot cocoa and wine because there is a community fridge to use! At our last visit we spent Saturday night playing pool, tunes in the background…a really great space to hang out and have a drink. The breakfast room is spacious  and light making it a great place to linger in the morning as well as brining in food at night if you are not up for a restaurant.
The other massive bonus is the hot tub. We had been learning to snowboard so believe me it was awesome to soak my weary bones and bruises!!! This is one of the best B&B’s we have stayed at. It is incredible value for your money and so incredibly pleasant you will be hooked! We will be going back to Fernie in January and March and you can bet we are making reservations as we speak.

As far as snowboarding went, well we were pretty much the most horrific site the sport has ever seen. Our instructor was amazing, kind, patient and able to hold in her laughter- with is pretty impressive! The next day we decided to revert back to skiing and we took a lesson and the instructor was equally fantastic. The ski/snowboard option is actually very cheap so if you are looking to brush up your skills your ski school purchase gets you on the lift all day, includes rental and the lesson.  For more information you can check out all the Ski School offerings.

I am glad we have discovered Fernie and we are making this part of our winter routine!



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