Libations in Laguna

Now there are about a 1000 things to do in Laguna and area, let me be clear we did 4 in this order; drink, eat, lay on the beach and shop.  So if you are looking for tips on inspirational activities- sorry- as inspirational as we got was to walk downhill after 4 happy hour margaritas! This was truly a relaxing vacation, the atmosphere, the whole scene was just conducive to complete relaxation.

So drinking; one of our favorite vacation pastimes.  While we adore a good California wine oddly enough when we are on holiday we often go for margaritas and the fancy vacation cocktails.  Upon arriving at the hotel our first order of business was indeed a margarita and luckily the Pacific Edge hosts a brilliant little beach lounge called “The Deck” which is basically a deck on the beach. Now we did have calamari and it really wasn’t spectacular but the mango margarita- now that was outstanding! So I completely recommend The Deck for drinks, the view is outstanding and the service was good and the prices fair. I have heard that the food is great but honestly from the calamari, there are certainly other places that were far more spectacular.

Our next foray into the wild world of margaritas was Asada’s at Happy Hour! $5.00 lime margaritas on the rocks- need I say more?? Very very good and I have to say 4 went down very quickly and easily with very little damage to the wallet.  I dare say with that our first day ended in a very woozy and happy stupor!

We stopped in at The White House for drinks and Darek had a local beer called “Blue Moon” which he loved and I had a fantastic strawberry mojito. The White House also often has live bands and you will find an eclectic and interesting mix of people. We had a great time at The White House just soaking in the atmosphere.

Our margarita search took us to another restaurant where Darek declared the best margarita in Laguna, sadly neither of us can remember this place so we will have to return in the near future to sleuth this out!  We ended our day at the bar of the Lumberyard where I was treated to a fantastic drink called the “strawberry smash” celebrating the charms of strawberries and the charisma of the Serrano pepper- and wow did that baby deliver a punch and I followed up that libation with an incredible chocolate martini-and I mean incredible! WOW!!!

Drinking in Laguna is a very demanding past time and I am glad we were able to meet the challenge!


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