Eating our way through Laguna

So eating….the next best vacation pastime! Wow Laguna Beach is a treasure trove of amazing eats! When I saw all the art galleries I knew that this town would have great food because artistry is far-reaching and culinary artistry is abundant in Laguna Beach! While our first culinary jump was with some average calamari at The Deck our second adventure involving a long and detailed search for nachos took us to Asada. We were treated to fantastic nachos. The chips were not greasy, the chicken was AMAZiNG! with fantastic guacamole and very fresh and light salsa, cheese all the way through – these were fantastic.  The menu itself looked pretty impressive and I would have no problem returning for a full meal.

While not considered a meal, my pre-breakfast beverage is one of the most important vacation elements of my day. It is at that time when the world is still sleepy, when my husband is still sound asleep and the world is my oyster this is my favourite part of the vacation day.  My beverage is my time to cherish a great book, or good for a slow walk or simply sit and watch the world wake up.

My first morning led me to Zinc Cafe where I had a chai latte, very creamy and very filling, nice and spicy and enjoyed it thoroughly.  The outdoor seating at Zinc Cafe is very nice but fills up quickly I decided to take my latte to the ocean and plunk down on main beach and watch the world shake off its slumber.

My second morning found me at The Laguna Coffee Company.  Now I rarely indulge in a coffee drink but I just had to try their carmel latte made with fresh ground and brewed espresso. Their coffee and expressly their espresso is quite famous.  It was amazing.. the espresso was excellent and just the right amount of caramel to give a hint of sweet flavor.  They also have smoothies, teas and breakfast pastries, the place is small with not much room to sit but then I have a feeling most people do what I did and head to the beach to perch on a rock.

The third morning netted me the best drink and funkiest place ever. The Koffee Klatch-I loved this place full of sofas and comfy chairs and I would have loved to spend time here just reading a book plus the amazing looking pastries and free wi-fi make it an ace joint in my opinion. I loved their drink menu which included Spiced Mexican Coca- sign me up! It was fantastic! Not too spicy with the right amount of whip cream… enough to make you feel a little naughty and not too much to make me feel guilty!

Breakfast: Our first breakfast was at a place called Greeters Corner- it was okay. We have begun to share food now in the US as the portions are just mad and we decided that as opposed to leaving most of it on the plate or eating to a point of oblivion we would begin to share. We ordered an omelet and the eggs were fluffy and it was packed with avocado, cheese and bacon.  Like I said nothing special but certainly not bad. The best thing about this place is view; right by main beach the patio allows you to see the comings and goings of all the foot traffic and gives you a bit of the ocean view and feel.

Our second breakfast was amazing at the Cafe Anastasia.  Now this is quite an interesting place as it is attached to the Anastasia boutique which fairly upscale so not sure how the owners went from retail to cafe but it sure was a great leap because our breakfast was so favorable. We had the Anastasia omelet filled with caramelized onions, cheese and bacon loads of flavor, fluffy eggs and great fresh fruit. Darek loved the sourdough toast, the ice tea was great and the free refills appreciated.

Snacks: Well for a healthy  soft serve you can’t beat The stand. It is 100% fruit soft serve with no added sugar or junk and it was delicious! I had mango and strawberry and my belly thanked me!  The Chocolate Soldier is known in the OC for their toffee and it was mighty spectacular. We had a gelato at Gelato Paradiso where the dulce de leche was to die for!!! Finally I had a date shake at The Orange Inn… wow!!!/  Spectacular!!!  Not to be missed.

There are many delectable looking menus in Laguna and a tonne of funky looking restaurants and I really wish I could have eaten more! There are two places that I want to highlight. First is the Lumberyard. The bartender was the best bartender I have ever been served by very kind, knowledge and willing to make a drink that would quench the thirst the desire of the customer. The food was outstanding, we had chicken and we honestly thought my husband’s mom was in the kitchen cooking our meal it was outstanding! Our bartender had also overheard that it was my birthday and presented me with a cake with a candle – a very very appreciated touch.  Hands down the food, atmosphere and dedication to customer service is well worth an evening spent at the Lumberyard.

The other place that we practically lived at was The Stand. Vegan, gluten-free menu items, no added sugar, no added junk, organic and downright outstanding.  Now when I first saw this place I was ecstatic! Darek however grumbled and noted with dismay he would eat there if he had to. Well after our first bite he was hooked and it was suggesting every snack and every meal we swing by The Stand! Yep the carnivore was converted to the tasty healing power of plants!  I think we tried everything on the menu! This place is outstanding and a must when in Laguna or area!




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