Cossi Fan Tutti Groupon

I am a huge fan of Groupon and Deal Find, and Living Social and so on and so on…these coupons allow me to try things that I might normally find cost prohibitive or just think really…is it worth it? So when a Groupon came out to go see live opera at the Banff Centre for next to nothing I thought…why not? I grabbed my bestie and we headed out to Banff for brunch and opera.

We ate at The Bison and the brunch was spectacular. Now I have heard that in the last few months the quality at The Bison has declined and I can’t confirm this hearsay, what I can tell you is that last summer the brunch was still spectacular.

After stuffing ourselves silly we headed up to the Banff Centre for a pre opera chat. It was very informative and included with the price of our already cheap ticket.  The opera itself was spectacular and there is just something about The Banff Centre that simply makes everything magical.  Now what is wonderful about the summer arts programme at The Banff Centre is that these artists tend not to come into the City so you can only catch these acts in Banff, plus some of the artists practicing for the summer; such as Royal Winnipeg Ballet do not perform in the province during the regular season.

So if you are looking for something to do this summer check out the programme at The Banff Centre- you won’t be disappointed!



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