I found myself – in a drag queen’s closet…

Travel is exhilarating for many reasons but more than anything travel takes you from your daily routine and allows you to see your life from a different perspective.  Travel is often the catalyst for self reflection, definition and change.  For me it was a moment in time in Palm Springs in a shop full of boas and sequins that I recognized a girl long lost and a woman determined to reclaim pure and honest joy.

This shop, full of some of the most incredibly over the top clothing material on earth, is not so out of context in Palm Springs. The owner was not a drag queen nor was it her closet…though I fully suspect she had a pretty glamourous career in her youth and it would seem as though the a shop was somewhat of an extension of her own personal closet!  As my mom and I sifted through the sequins, taffeta and leopard print I commented with disgust about how anyone would find use with this tat, and then is when I got my wake up call. My mom looked at me with pain in her eyes and simply said “the courageous, happy and creative girl that I knew in her youth would have looked at this place with joy and seen every opportunity in the world.” I don’t think I have ever been so devastated with myself and my attitude in my life. At what point did I lose my joie de vivre? At what point did I become a stroppy cow pontificating on what is and isn’t acceptable good taste.  How could I not see the value in other’s pleasure and how had I become to take myself and life so seriously?  More interestingly at what point do we free ourselves from every chain and shackle that we have created and live with passion and joy and rejoice in even the smallest of pleasures?

A crazy dress shop in Palm Springs so eclectic, so bedazzled, so hilarious and so creative; how could I have not just wrapped myself in a feather boa, given my Oscar acceptance speech (I have had one prepared since I was 7) and take pleasure in the moment?  I could wax eternal about how my generation has it tough, or how being a woman in this world is a difficult go with a lot of pressures- and I have written that blog post a thousand time in my head- yet that is simply missing the point. The world in all its imperfections is what it is, we can either take each moment we are given and laugh, be grateful and bask in the enjoyment of the many earthly pleasures to be had or we can snub our nose at the sequins. I am absolutely resolved to put on an outlandishly oversized hat and raise a glass to finding my joy in a drag queen’s closet! And that my friends is the true joy of travel!


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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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