The Margarita Trail

So we land in Scottsdale from -35C craving not only the sun but that amazing taste of summer- the margarita.  We started our quest almost immediately heading to downtown Scottsdale and on our way we hit a restaurant called the Herb Box.  I will gush on about how amazing the food is at this place in another post, for now I will concentrate on the booze.  Darek had the margarita and WOW! Cleaner and crisper than anything we had in Palm Springs and very obviously made with premium ingredients. I strayed from our mission and had a blackberry mojito- or two! It was incredible, really smooth with loads of flavour. This drink had me hooked and it was my go to staple for the rest of our vacation in Scottsdale.  Hands down good drink and good chow is always found at the Herb Box, but our quest did not end here we were destined for Old Town Scottsdale.

We were in search of a patio in full view of the sun.  Now this can be difficult to find, with summer temperatures soaring into the high 40’sC many establishments have focused their attention on air conditioning as opposed to full sun patio seating but we did manage to find ourselves a roof top patio overlooking the Old Town.  The Grapevine has a normal margarita and then something called King of the Town or something equally boastful and while Darek is happy to stick with the status quo, I just knew that I couldn’t leave the question of the king of margs unfounded without testing. What I can tell you is this- after 2 you will feel like a member of royalty although you won’t exactly know which city you are in or necessarily even who you are! I was wrecked beyond wrecked and I will tell you those puppies go down smoooooth!  Now they are premium, cost twice as much as the regular but I’d have to say well worth it! I can’t frankly remember much of the rest of the night, so if we had more drinks anywhere I can’t really tell you about them nor does it matter cuz the king of margaritas really does live at The Grapevine!

To my great surprise I did live to fight another day, in fact I wasn’t hungover at all which does speak to the quality of the tequila I had so liberally consumed the day before.  Our ramblings during the day took us to a number of little places and the only one worthy of note was the Loco Patron  This was actually the one place in Scottsdale that had the worst service we have ever encountered but we were lenient as the margaritas were smooth, strong and cheap.  The patio is not huge but mid afternoon we managed to snag a place, the Loco is very sports oriented so loads of TV’s and as it was Spring Training- tonnes of baseball fans.  I would give this place a second chance but if it didn’t live up to my service expectations then this would just give me a reason to much more research in other establishments!

Off the margarita trail there are some great Sangria stories, the Daily Dose and Tapas Papa Fritas make a killer homemade brew. The Olive and the Ivy do some terrific magic trips with Bourbon and the Saddle Ranch rocked my world with their smooth, flavourful and gigantic Mai-Tai.

Scottsdale boasts loads of sunshine, baking heat and patio views take the time to enjoy the scenery and partake in the many libations on offer!


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