Seeing the sights in Seattle town

When the weather is sunny in Seattle there is no end to the outdoor activities.  We lucked out and had a week of sunshine and warm days in the middle of winter so we took advantage of every moment.  In Seattle you must go to Pike Place Market.  The sights, the sounds, the smells and colours are a feast for the senses.  You simply have to taste all the samples and eating your way through the Market is a great way to spend the day (I have outlined this in another post).  Make sure you drop by Pike Place Fish market and watch them throw fish and entertain visitors. Get your picture taken with a giant fish and even try your hand at catching one!

The market is a great place to spend a rainy day so if you happen to catch some soppy weather you have a great place hang out. If you do catch great weather, walk along the harbour from the market to Olympic Sculpture Park. The harbour boasts loads of yummy food and lots of tourist kitsch and the piece de resistance: Ye Olde Curiosity Shop…you have to go in…this place is bananas. there aren’t even really words to explain how jammed packed full of crazy knick knacks and bric-a-brac this place is!  It is a relaxing walk along the water and the sculptures in the park are pretty cool.  We found ourselves a bench and soaked up the warm afternoon sun chatting and enjoying a fantastic latte.

The Seattle Needle is a must – I mean really it is an icon- just don’t waste your money going up the thing.

Hang out at the base – look up, take some photos take a peek in the shop at the base and then high tail it to the Bank of America Tower (formally the Columbia Seafirst Tower).  The Bank of America Tower is higher than the needle and as opposed to $20 per person to go up the needle you will pay about $5 per person to go up a higher tower! When you walk into the building find a security officer and ask about the observation deck, as there are no signs or even indication that this is a major tourist attraction. Once you get pointed in the right direction you will end up at a security desk where an officer will take your cash, write down your name in a book and point you toward the elevator, in a country that is constantly under some colour of alert I thought this was the funniest lack of security in history. You will end up taking two elevators, one stops on the 40th floor and has a Starbucks- so on your way down stop and have brew with a view! The next elevator takes you up to the observation deck on the 73rd floor with a 360 degree hands down best view of the city.  The day we went was crystal clear and we could see every single mountain, I took so many pictures and we spent well over an hour just gazing at the incredible city sprawled out before us.

On our way down we grabbed a Starbucks and enjoyed to view from the 40th floor along with the hustle and bustle of all the suits taking their afternoon break. The tower is an absolute gem that can’t be missed!

After hanging out in the tower we headed to Pioneer Square.  Pioneer Square marks Seattle’s original downtown, dating back to 1852. The district is full of late nineteenth century brick and stone buildings, and is one of the nation’s best surviving collections of Romanesque Revival style urban architecture. Dotted with unique shops full of eclectic one of a kind clothing, antique shops, book shops and enough cafes to sink a ship we spent an afternoon shop hopping and sitting on benches sipping an assortment of lattes, teas, hot chocolates and a few alcoholic beverages! There are many sights, walks and cafes to explore in the downtown area so strap on your comfy shoes and enjoy!


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