Scottsdale: Absolutely Vajazzling

yep……you heard me right- Vajazzling.  I vaguely remember hearing the term years ago on CBC and had never fully understood, nor saw the concept widely publicized so figured it didn’t take off…incidentally I was wrong…as I was walking along the street in Scottsdale I saw the sign, literally, I saw the sign…..

So Vajazzling is the art of decorating a woman’s nether regions to make it all a little bit more fun and sparkly down there.  Now you can buy your own Vajazzling at home kit but honestly I am not sure how effective one can be from angle perspective, in fact, it could end up at very worse dangerous and very least a little Picasso. Quality salons usually use Swarovski crystals which can be used more than once (just clean and polish them with a cloth) and salons will guarantee the crystals will stay on for minimum 5 days.  Now of course wearing tight clothes, competing in a triathlon or the Kentucky Derby will diminish those returns greatly.  Now ladies, before you run out and get Vajazzled may I remind you that all great art is hosted on, how shall we put it, a clean canvas.  Before any crystals are placed you will have to partake in the phenomenon known as the Brazilian and therefore you will need to coordinate waxing and Vajazzling.

Now listen, if you are reading this feeling both intrigued and appalled let me tell you that you can satisfy your curiosity with body bling. You don’t have to do the full Vajazzle, you can have crystals placed around your waist, small of your back or close to your nether parts without going all the way. I have to be honest, I am intrigued and who knows-maybe my next trip to Scottsdale will be a tiny bit brighter!


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