At the Car Wash Baby

The first time we went to Palm Springs Darek fell deeply and madly in love.  He had found his personal heaven; a place where his baby, his pride and joy, was buffed and polished by hand with care…(no not me and not the spa)….I am talking about the Car Wash! The Desert Hand Car Wash is a kind of shrine for my husband- a hallowed land of praise for cars big, small, vintage and new.  For less than $20.00 Darek is witness to his bug attacked winter hardened car brought to a glistening new life.  The car is washed inside and out and even after a couple thousand long miles it is polished back to spectacular beauty.

The Car Wash is an interesting place, always packed and always full of men – in fact – if I were single I think I would hang out there just to pick up men…you can tell a lot about a guy from the car he drives!

However, if you are not on the prowl for a guy and you are a chick just wanting a clean ride the place is a little daunting and testosterone laden so proceed with confidence and caution. The one woman I did see there (yes there was only one other woman there) drove a silver Porsche and yelled at the the workers at every step..egad! Now the Desert Car Wash is doing a great business, I would assume, yet I will offer some advice to the owners – if you do want to pin down the chick market….get a barista and offer expressos and lattes and an express nail bar….that would cinch the deal.

So the long and short of it; men you will feel spectacular showing off your vehicular hardware in its spotless glory. Women its a man’s world out there so tread cautiously and for now- grab a Starbuck’s on your way and don’t break a nail!


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