The Palm Canyon Trail

The road from Vegas to Palm Springs was interesting as the clouds and sun continued a curious battle which fought out until the birth of nightfall.  We had never driven this road before as our previous trip had taken us through the Mojave.  While the sunset was pretty amazing the night was black and we didn’t see much on the way to Palm Springs so it is a drive we will need to repeat in the daylight. We did however witness something quite amazing-rain-yes rain in the desert.  Palm springs only sees rain 20 days out of the year so it was pretty cool.

Once we arrived in Palm Springs we were pulled back to our favourite Mexican Restaurant on the strip, Las Casuelas, and even though the night was chilly the music was hot!  What I love about Palm Springs in the winter is the Mexican hot chocolate…yum! Very chocolately with a hint of cinnamon – amazing!  With full bellies we hit the hay awaiting the sunny 17C that was promised for the next day!

We awoke to blue sunny skies, which was heaven sent, and wanted to see some of the attractions we had missed on our last vacation so we set our sights for Indian Canyons. These canyons are maintained by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians and it is about a 7 minute drive from downtown.  There is ample signage; just keep following along as it is a bit of drive to the pay point.  The cost is $9 for adults and it is more than worth the cash- the area is amazing and it is easy to spend the whole day there.  We decided to walk the Palm Canyon Trail as it is 15 miles long and takes you in a loop, it is quite an easy walk..we though had to cross the river as the normal crossing had been washed out…wish I had video of that…it was quite an operation! The Palm Canyon affords you the shade of palm trees, the tranquility of the river and a great view from the mountain. You can take a guided tour for a few dollars more, the tour only goes for about a mile and you learn about the history, flora, fauna and animals of the canyon. We tagged along for a few moments of a tour in session and the guide was very personable and we found out a tonne of information in the few short moments we listened in.  We heard that Andreas Canyon is an easy walk and is very different from Palm Canyon and worth the visit, you will find the trail head near the entrance. We didn’t hike it because we were starving so it is on our to do list next time around. Murray Canyon is also an easy hike close to Andreas Canyon so there really is lots to do in the Indian Canyon area for very little cash.

Our hunger led us to Rock Garden Cafe; an interesting place that starts with a walk across a bridge over a human made river like water feature.  There was an old hippy strumming the guitar singing classics that were exactly perfect for a late Sunday morning.  We were the youngest clients by a couple of decades but quite frankly a large patio in the sun was more than enough to win my heart!  The mimosa’s were amazing, made with freshly squeezed orange juice and the server, while only mildly interested in us, was nice. We both had some type of Mexican egg breakfast and it was great tasting with huge portions.  If you look up this cafe on Chowhound or Urban Spoon you will be hard pressed to find a good review, so to be clear…very very old fashioned, not ritzy or glamourous but freshly squeezed oj and big breakfast at a fair price on a big patio…gets my vote for a Sunday morning.



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