Kensington Wine Market

This is a super cool shop stacked to the rafters with every wine, beer and hard liquor imaginable, and, as I recently found out…host to incredible tasting classes.  A friend of mine invited me to attend a Vintage Port tasting so I thought I would give it a whirl and I was blown away by the experience.  The Kensington Wine Market itself was started by an architect and a business woman and has grown from 4 employees to over 20.  The Wine Market lies in trendy Kensington (which I have written about in another post) and boasts one of the best selections of wine, beer and hard liquor in the city.  You can find a delicious bottle of wine for under $20 or shell out for a $12 000 bottle of Scotch and they carry every matter of alcohol and price point in between.  There are also items exclusive to the Wine Market which are available for purchase in store or online, in fact, the online presence is one of the things I love about the shop. The website hosts a great learning centre with beer and wine newsletters you can sign up for for free, articles and links and the in house tasting schedule.

So the tastings…well I went to the Vintage Port tasting and was absolutely blown away by the knowledgeable professionalism and amazing amount of information I learned.  We tasted our way through 6 ports which were well explained by our facilitator and paired with cheeses from Janice Beaton’s Cheese.  The thing I loved about the evening is that it was not pretentious or snobby, the facilitator, Grant Graves,  handled all our questions and made us all feel very comfortable. When the clock started to strike late and the words started to slur…I couldn’t believe that our evening was over.  It was an such a pleasurable experience.  However the fun didn’t end with the tastings, we were given 10% off that evening’s purchase and a coupon for an additional 10% on a future purchase- sweet deal. Now I did find some beautiful ports; my favourite being a $228.00 bottle of Fonseca Guimaraens 1985….that is the bottle of my dreams it is a stunning deep red that tastes like a beautiful slice of chocolate-yum!  Sadly my parents disciplined approach to spending kicked in so I settled for a $40 bottle of 10 year old Tawny called Quinta do Infantado taste TBD during this years birthday celebrations! The tasting calendar is host many adventures in wine, rum and beer and I look forward to the Cino de Mayo Tequila tasting and Whiskey Women and Chocolate event. The weekday events are more lecture style while the weekend events are less lecture and more socialization.  Anyway you slice it, the Kensington Wine Market is worth a Saturday afternoon and a tasting event or two!



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