Eating our way through Canmore

Canmore is a gastronomical paradise, there must be some vortex that attracts amazing chefs and food enthusiasts alike. We found two new treasures on our last outing that are sure to satisfy both vegetarians and carnivores.

The Railway Deli is a cafeteria style eatery that compliments the attached deli/speciality foods shop. The Railway Deli’s claim to fame is… (vegetarians turn away) the Turkducken- yep you read that right- a chicken in a duck in a turkey.  I am not really sure how that works nor have I been brave enough to taste it but the testimonials displayed on the cafe’s digital screen sing its praises. Wikipedia notes: a turducken is: a dish consisting of a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed into a de-boned turkey. The word turducken is a portmanteau of turkey, duck, and chicken or hen. The Railway Deli has been producing the Turducken since 2003 and the original Bow Valley Turducken is only available at the Railway Deli, and, only produced in limited quantities. You can buy the fowl creation to cook at home to serve on your holiday table and the website has full cooking and serving instructions. Now if you feel that the Turducken simply isn’t exotic enough for your next festive gathering you can also order Turkducham (turkey and duck stuffed in a ham) or the Turduckit (turkey and duck in a rabbit). There is a turducken sandwich in the cafe if cooking the monster bird at home seems a little bit daunting!  The deli boasts an amazing selection of meats that are preservative and gluten free and the speciality foods section has an array of European jams and jellies and condiments, gluten free snacks and yummy nibbles just right for an afternoon picnic.

The cafe serves an all day breakfast that is made right before your eyes.  The eggs are incredibly fresh, the bacon and sausage has such flavour it is clear that it is not full of chemicals-extremely tasty and freshly prepared.  They have gluten free wraps if you want to swap out the toast.  My favourite part of the breakfast were the potatoes they didn’t taste like those frozen tots most places serve-in fact they were real live potatoes…fancy that! From creamy soups to desserts, vegetarians and gluten free eaters will have a great deal of flavourful fresh food to choose from. The price point is exceptionally reasonable and it is a great place to fuel up on tasty, well prepared fresh food before or after day of activity in the mountains.

Elita Restaurant is a paradise for vegans and vegetarians while the menu also puts a smile on the most hard core carnivore.  The restaurant is chef-owned and uses only the freshest ingredients and it shows in the taste.  The food is made to order and you feel a passion for food and customer experience in the atmosphere of Elita.  The restaurant has a great outdoor patio with good mountain views and inside is cozy and comforting.  We have been to Elita twice and they are able to easily cater to allergies, the menu is multi-ethnic, the food is fresh and service outstanding. Elita is a great choice for a healthy lunch or a romantic evening supper with spectacular views and on the mark customer service.


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