Choklat stikes again!

So I know that I have already written about Choklat but I just can’t get enough of this place, seriously take an afternoon and jump down to Inglewood and indulge.

Recently Choklat hosted a tasting event, otherwise known as heaven on earth! Seriously Choklat released 10 new truffle fillings and invited customers to taste! Really that is liking asking a kid at Disney if he wants to hang out with Mickey…seriously sweet! So we arrive at the gallery beside Choklat and I saw so many incredible pieces that if I were in a different income bracket, I could have done some serious damage.  The event was hosted in the gallery so we milled about looking about and of coure, eating chocolate. So four of the new truffles with paired with wine- I have never really had wine with chocolate before as I often eat chocolate with Port.  It was really interesting pairing tart flavours with the indulgent sweetness, in the Choklat snobbery 101 you also get the opportunity to taste chocolate with various alcoholic libations and hands down I fell in love with the Alvear Pedro Ximenex de Auada 2005 with a beautiful bar from Brazil.  So about 3 truffles in and I was pretty stoned, by truffle 5 I was dancing in a parallel universe…it was stunning.  Along with the 10-yes people-10 new truffle fillings there were edible sparkle chocolate lollipops(known as chocolate bling pops) and hazelnut ganache filled waffle cones….enough to make a grown woman cry!! Hands down my fave filling is cream cheese- wow-seriously…I want a dozen for my birthday! There are over 210 truffle combinations and you can now have your sweet desires delivered right to your door. So get thee to Inglewood and indulge!!


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