Bison Treats in Banff

One word- Decadence. As you walk up the stairs to the restaurant (a more casual tavern is downstairs) you are struck by the plush high back chairs, carefully plated food, and intimate ambience.  I felt that I was lounging in the lap of luxury without the pretence or snobbery usually found in an upscale restaurant. The thing I love about mountain dining is that everyone has been out in elements, put in a hard day of skiing, boarding, shoeing or a myriad of other snow adventures and they are ready to relax and indulge. So vegans and vegetarians I need you to cover your eyes and sing really loud because the explanation of this menu could get ugly for you. As the name would somewhat imply…The Bison is a carnivores heaven as well as boasting a large selection from the sea, pickings are pretty skinny for vegetarians.

We started out with drinks and I had the best martini I have ever had in my life-  a Cinnamon Jerry – I think it was called…after a couple I just called him Jerry! Made with Rum and rimmed with cinnamon sugar it was a drink worthy of heaven! To start we had venison pepperoni stuffed potato skins to start.  The venison was mighty fine and the cheese in these baby potatoes was amazing. Great start to the meal! I treaded down the bison road indulging in a bison burger while Darek settled for steak.  At all costs ensure that you order something that can be dipped into ketchup as the Bison makes its own and that stuff is like crack- I was dipping everything on plate in that stuff…even my fingers!  We loved our main courses, everything was so well presented and absolutely flavourful.  Beyond that the service was outstanding, the atmosphere a relaxed energy and we savoured every mouthful lingering in peace after a long day on snowshoes.

How we managed dessert I will never know, but I am glad we did! We had caramel banana crepes with this gorgeous hit of maple syrup.  It was a lovely end to a divine meal. I also had a chai latte which was spiced just right and had a great balance of sweet and spicy.  Now vegetarians- there is one vegetarian dish and even a gluten free dessert. I am guessing that if you notify them ahead of time they can help you out with whatever food choice or restriction you may have. This place is upscale, a great place to take a date and I am looking forward to our next visit!


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