As Autumn Lingers in Canmore

We have been lucky to get a second chance at summer, albeit an autumnal type of summer, and therefore we are spending every sunny second in the mountains that we can! Today smack dab in November we found ourselves walking along the river trail with a light jacket and sun on our faces- crazy! While the mountains do have snow and no doubt winter will blanket us soon today was a gift that we seized! We have learned that heading early to the mountains is smart because if the weather is going to change for the worse than it will do so mid to late afternoon and just as we were winding down our walk, the clouds moved in and rain began to pour down. We of course had warm bellies because we had started of with Duck and Wild mushroom soup from the Coffee Mine. Now the Coffee Mine has changed its name to Whyte Horse Cafe but nothing has been lost in the atmosphere and incredible food! They are just starting to put together a website!

Walking back to the car I was attacked by some pretty crazy hunger and we stumbled upon Chef’s Studio Japan a great little sushi joint tucked away a few steps from the main drag. As we walked in we were greeted by the happiest server on earth! The lunch special is a steal miso soup and more than enough sushi to fill a slightly hungry belly and the chef’s special tea yum! Our bill was less than $20 and we walked out full and happy. The Chef’s Studio seems to be family owned, there was a woman rolling our sushi rolls right in front of us and a man making rice. It was a great feeling to know the food was made by a real person and was done with care. They seem to have no website but there are some reviews on Urbanspoon and Chowhound.


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