Rediscovering Banff – The Banff Centre

There is a treasure nestled in the mountains of Banff that brings tranquility, peace and opportunity for reflection and renewal. It attracts poets, dancers, musicians and leaders from all over the world. In operation for over 75 years, the Banff Centre’s mission is to “Inspire Creativity” and this magical location attracts artists and leaders who wish to explore, drive change and share skill. The Banff Centre is an eclectic mix of arts programs, leadership development courses and fine dining. An incredible location to host your next conference, a great place to spend a weekend getaway at the on campus hotel or a fantastic place to catch a fantastic live show.

I had the privilege to attend a two day leadership program. The accommodations in the on campus hotel were pristine; clean, spacious and comfortable. The recreational facility is amazing, boasting indoor running track, pool, hot tub and steam room. The campus itself is located right in the heart of Banff so trails throughout the mountains are nearby and this is truly a place unlike no other on this earth. The invigoration, renewal and clarity that I found on those trails, amongst these giants and in the classroom was truly life altering. The dining options are plentiful and the Vistas Dining Room looks out over the Bourgeau Mountain Range. The food was outstanding and so easy to eat a gluten free vegan diet without compromising choice or taste.

Now you may understand why conferences and artists would congregate in such beautiful surroundings but what on earth are leaders doing there? Banff Centre boasts an amazing new learning facility with hand chosen facilitators and developers that make up an outstanding faculty.

Whether you are looking to attain a diploma in leadership, have a weekend getaway or see a great live performance; Banff Centre is a great place to enjoy the tranquility of the Rockies.


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