Cultural Calgary- The CPO

I am almost sure that when one utters the word Calgary it is not synonymous with thoughts of amazing cultural experiences, but I do need to tell you the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra delivers culture with precision, professionalism and finesse. We recently were thrilled with an outstanding performance of Handel’s Messiah. The Mezzo Soprano was outstanding (and I don’t usually care for them) and the Soprano rocked each and every note. The gentlemen held their own and the Tenor absolutely stole the show for me!

The CPO always boasts a robust season from classics to pop and makes for a great night out. Many performances are held in the Jack Singer Concert Hall with is in the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts right downtown Calgary. You can grab parking at the mall for $2 on weekends and then take the +15 to bypass the mall. Now in order to be comfortable in the Jack Singer you need to seat yourself strategically. While the balconies offer great sight-lines and the acoustics are great everywhere, the people who put the Jack Singer together forgot that patrons have legs. I sat the whole evening with my knees around my ears and I am certainly not a tall person. The folks on the floor looked like they had a bit more leg room. My best advice is: if you are sitting in the balconies then ensure you get tickets for the front row and you will have leg room. In the highest balcony the best seats to snag are the balcony left and right (loges) as they have chairs that can be moved.

So pull up a chair, you can usually get tickets for around $40 and enjoy some incredible CPO culture!


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1 Response to Cultural Calgary- The CPO

  1. Mickaël says:

    I was on the floor last time, with plenty of room for my legs. Acoustic was great and I agree, the CPO is a good orchestra. I don’t go that often over there, but I should. Thanks for your sharing.

    Even abroad (I go to Argentina), I’ll follow your blog to see what’s going on in Calgary 😉

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