The beach, the park and the city

As a heavy fog settled over the coast the morning sun was burning through rather quickly inland but it was another story at the beach. We decided to head out to Mission beach for a little rest on the sand and to possible have a hand in some surfing. Sadly the heavy fog made the weather chilly and not very enjoyable for laying about. The walk on the boardwalk is well worth the time as the oceanfront homes are stunning! I have never seen such architecture in my life and many of the homes are actually rental properties which is an intriguing idea for our next vacation! I can imagine that Mission beach is packed on a hot day and it has such a “cool kid” energy that it was fun to hang out there even though the weather wasn’t great. The story for the rest of this day is a little fuzzy because we ended up downing 2 pitchers of margarita’s and then spent an outrageous amount of money at Fashion Valley mall. Just a note, shopping with an absolutely polluted husband is fun!

On our last day we ventured once again downtown on the trolley and jumped off a hop, skip and jump from Balboa Park. Balboa Park is a gigantic cultural park smack in the middle of San Diego, housing the San Diego Zoo, a multitude of museums, centre for the performing arts and a handful of restaurants. Entrance to the park is free and you can walk, stroll, run, play frisbee, send your children into the air on a swing and enjoy the Japanese and Butterfly gardens. Entrance into the museums is a per museum rate but you can get a “passport” which gives you huge savings on everything in the park. We spent most of the day walking through the gardens and eating amazing food at Prado’s, another trip will see us museum hop and hopefully take in a live show! True to San Diego’s culture there is a huge military presence as there is a Naval hospital in the park. There certainly is a lot to do in the park and it would be easy to spend a couple of days taking in all the sights. The Balboa Park site: is a great place to find out what is happening and download coupons for great savings from park merchants!

San Diego is an amazing city with so much to see and do, I look forward to our next vacation in the incredible city!


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