Date night in Bragg Creek

Darek had a month of working Saturdays which means we have hardly seen each other, so when he arrived home last Saturday he suggested a date in Bragg Creek…I know…you are thinking…WHAT?
Yes well Bragg Creek is a very tiny little community just outside of…well…everywhere. It is a great place to get away for the weekend as it is home to some of the most gorgeous log cabin bed and breakfast places I have ever seen and it is the gateway to the playground known as the Rockies. The scenery in Bragg Creek is stunning and it is a bustling little place as traveller’s pass through en route to their final destinations. Yet there is more to Bragg Creek than the fuel stop and coffee shop. There is a great little bake shop and a few funky clothing shops and hidden near the practical hardware shop and old west style strip mall there is a little restaurant called Infusion.

Infusion boasts a robust menu with flavours spanning from Asian and the Mediterranean to Italian and South American influences. What strikes you first and foremost though, is the atmosphere. The restaurant is an old house with dark hardwood floors and an intimate creamy interior. The space is intimate and romantic and our table was tucked away in the corner, perfect for a date! We were greeted by a kind hostess and our servers were attentive and helpful. The featured drink was a spiked hot apple cider, what a treat on an autumn evening! We had the baked camembert appetizer- WOW!! The portion was huge which made Darek happy and the chutney brought out the flavour of the cheese. It was served with a great salad- the dressing was fantastic and fried tortilla strips- truly great way to start the meal. I had the gluten free curry penne which was packed full of vegetables and coated in a very flavourful and spicy green curry sauce. Darek had the salmon which was lightly breaded and finished with a well balanced curry sauce. The dessert menu looked great but we were too full, I did however have the red chai latte which was a really cool taste and not what I was expecting. The meal was good and the place was so calm, inviting with great service that I would say if you are looking to make a statement on date night, this is the place to go! Enjoy!


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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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