Saturday Night in Canmore

So on Saturday night we decided to go to Canmore for supper – sounds easy – right? Well not without reservations! We have actually never spent an evening in Canmore, let alone a Saturday evening, and we found that one must, must, must, must have a reservation if one expects to eat!!

After weaving from restaurant to restaurant we finally lucked out and found a table in a place called Zona’s. Zona’s reminded me of some of the great family run places you find in Eastern Europe and I was excited about the experience we were embarking upon. The list of beers is impressive and Darek tried a great Spanish beer called Alhambra and I had an amazing white wine (Gewurtraminer) from California and slowly relaxed into our Saturday evening.
We found the menu didn’t really fit with our expectations, which from the decor was Eastern European or Greek. What we saw on the menu was Asian and Indian, a little Italian and some seafood- weird! We started out with Calamari, which is always for me a mistake unless you are eating supper by the sea. I think Darek was having a bit of a craving and it wasn’t too bad. For our mains Darek chose Butter Chicken and I had Vegetable Korma, both were delicious!!
The atmosphere was so relaxed, fun yet quiet enough that you could have an intimate conversation. The patio is quite big and I can imagine that it is packed in the summer. I understand that the menu changes twice a year and the overall theme of the restaurant is Canadian- and I would say they have hit the mark! I mean where else in the world can you have Mexican, Indian, Polish and Japanese food all in one day?? Zona’s is a worldly and Canadian experience all in one. So next time your in Canmore hop in and take a tasty trip around the world that is distinctively Canadian- just make sure you have a reservation!!


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2 Responses to Saturday Night in Canmore

  1. Mickael says:

    I’ll think about it next time. Each time I stopped in Canmore it’s for a Wendy’s or an A&W… Shame on me!

    • Oh yes…you must savour the delectable, organic and well plated food to be found in Canmore. If you are crazy about canard, well Canmore is your place…they have gone canard crazy lately!!!

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