The Calgary Culture Path

While the mountains are our destination of choice, as the weather turns colder and the days shorter we look inward to the city to provide us with our weekend entertainment. The thing about Calgary is that you have to dig around if you want to know what’s happening and Fast Forward newspaper is the best source for all things entertainment. You can pick it up in many shops and loads of newspapers stands or check it out online at: Another great source of information that I have recently found is: this is a robust offering of everything happening in the cultural district and you can even sign up for a savings card!

Calgary does have a number of cultural offerings, and as with anything cultural in Canada you will have to pay through the nose. It is a sad fact indeed, I remember going to the ballet, opera and symphony in Europe for pocket change so if you want to hit the arts on a regular basis; be prepared to fork out the bucks!

Alberta Ballet is hands down one of the best ballet troupes I have ever seen. They are joy on point shoes and they usually put forth a season that has all elements of whimsy, classic ballet, contemporary and leading edge.

Vertigo Theatre is Calgary’s mystery theatre, and while I am not necessarily a mystery aficionado; we have been thrilled and entertained every time we have gone and thoroughly enjoyed the level of professionalism and talent.

This autumn/winter to we intend to get off the sofa and out into the city, so stayed tuned because when we land on something cool- you will be the first to know!


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