Choklat lovers Paradise

As autumn descends upon Calgary I find my craving for activity, enjoyment and pleasure increases exponentially. Feeling the first constraints of cabin fever I crave the opportunity to get out and about and enjoy the luxury that life has to offer. So what is there to do in Calgary get satisfy this craving?

Well, one of my deep and passionate loves is chocolate – I mean real chocolate – not candy, not knockoff stuff – but real deep dark chocolate that has been made with love and passion. Enter in Choklat, nestled in the up and coming neighborhood of Inglewood, Choklat is the only chocolatier in Western Canada that has complete control over the chocolate they produce. They start with the best hand picked cocoa beans working fairly with the farmers that produce the beans. Choklat roasts the beans and brings out each harvest’s unique flavour in a myriad of bars and truffles. The folks who work at Choklat are passionate about their product and dedication to the art of chocolate making. So just how do you get in on this action??

Well Choklat runs a course called “Chocolate Snobbery” and for just $40.00 you can spend an evening with a Choklat professional who will explain the process from bean to finished product. The evening is informative and interesting and most of all – delicious!!! At the end of the tour you get to taste the chocolate, learning how to eat it properly, what to look for and discuss the tastes and scents that stir your senses into overdrive. As if that is not enough you are then led to the back of the shop where each chocolate has been paired with a wine or liqueur! My favourite was the Cuyagua 70% Dark Chocolate paired with the Alvear Pedro Ximenez de Anada Sherry – oh my word. This is truly what heaven must be like!! I have to admit I also loved the Ocumare and Brazilian Milk Chocolates, quite frankly once you have had quality chocolate made with love and passion you feel and smell the difference.

Choklat bars and truffles don’t come cheap, but my purchase was worth every penny!! Hands down this is the best bang for your buck if you are a chocolate aficionado!


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