As Autumn settles in Canmore

Today we headed out to Canmore, the leaves are turning (which in Alberta means a lovely gold with splashes of red), the air was so fresh and crisp meaning autumn is truly here. The mountains are already snow capped and the boarders and ski bunnies are getting excited about predictions of a snowy long winter!

We started our afternoon with..yep…food! Yes – I know that this is a travel blog and as I look over blogs past…I see a trend of food and shopping taking staring roles in most of my adventures…so why buck tradition!? We headed to the Coffee Mine and dug into Duck and Wild Mushroom soup. Wow- beautiful flavours, rich and warming without being creamy or heavy. Traditionally we slid right into a dessert of Matcha Latte and Southern Pecan Pie…seriously the food is amazing! Great place to hang out and linger over delicious tastes and enjoyable conversation.

So now onto in Canmore is divine. There are not many shops and they are way more expensive than the city, that said, you will find unique pieces that simply can’t be found in Calgary. One of my favourite shops is Gingerella which carries shoes and handbags. We have purchased a couple of David Jones handbags there (well actually, looking in my closet, a few more than a couple!) Gingerella carries shoes that are quirky, leading edge and fashion forward. I also love Indigo Bay and Clothing West which are right on the main strip and offer unique and fashion forward women’s clothing. There are many shops with outdoor equipment and the markup is quite noticeable, it is a better idea to shop in the city or get your gear in the US as it is way cheaper. Tin Box has loads of fun stuff for the home and Stonewaters Home Elements has beautiful furniture for your mountain chalet! Finally Rocky Mountain soap company offers 100% natural soaps. There are many more little book shops and cute antique places so it is definitely worth a stroll down main street. In the summer there is also a market in the park full of great artwork from local artists.

Walking in the town of Canmore is fantastic as there are extensive pathways along the river. They are well kept and lead to loads of other pathways you just need to be aware of bears in the summer! So there it is, another beautiful day spent with delicious treats, great shopping and a lovely walk in the mountains as another summer turns into autumn


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