Canmore Spaaaaaaah!

Yesterday I rekindled my love affair with Canmore – this wonderful mountain town. Last year for our wedding anniversary we jumped off a mountain in Golden, this year we had hoped to ride the Banff Gondola and do a little horseback riding….sadly mother nature has unleashed her wrath on Calgary this summer slamming us at every turn with rain – and plenty of it! So an indoor activity for our anniversary was the recipe of the day. Now Calgary and area is a great outdoor playground but when it rains it is tough to figure out just what to do. So after some thought, I pitched a most ambitious plan – a couples massage! Darek has never been to a spa nor is he really the type to go on his own accord so I was very pleasantly surprised when he agreed!
I made reservations at the Bodhi Tree Spa in Canmore Saturday morning and was able to get in on Sunday- perfect! We reserved the couples room and booked in for an Indian Head Massage and 60 minute Aromatherapy Massage. The brilliant thing about Bodhi Tree is that if you request an insurance receipt upon booking you will be paired with an RMT and will be able to claim on your insurance! Also there are hot pools and a steam room spa guests may use free of charge with any service purchased that lasts over an hour! So take your bathing suit and a towel (towels are only provided for hotel guests) and arrive early to take the waters or you can enjoy after your treatment. You will also need to arrive 15 minutes early on your first visit to fill out a short medical form.
The spa is located in the Silver Creek Lodge. You can go right into the underground parkade (parking is free) and head into the Spa from that level. If you park in the hotel parking outside you can access the Spa from the elevator in the main lobby. The spa hosts Aveda products and has a well stocked product line up for purchase. Cozy leather chairs and hot tea make the wait for your treatment comfortable and a selection of health minded magazines get you in a healthy state of mind!
The Indian Head massage was amazing. This is a fully clothed, 30 minute seated treatment. Our couples room had a beautiful fireplace, the chairs for the Indian massage were luxurious (both in look and feel) and the mood of the room was peaceful. After the Indian Head massage we went back out to the waiting room for a cup of tea while the therapists prepared the room for our 60 minute massage. The massage tables were comfortable with high quality sheets and big warm comforters, the whole spa has the most amazing music playing (you can actually buy the CD) and the atmosphere is calm and peaceful without being pretentious. Our massages were amazing – we started with a quick chat to let the therapist know what we wanted to work on and any medical issues or outstanding aches and pains. We then choose our aroma and were left to get ready. My massage therapist was James, this man is truly talented! I have never ever had such an amazing massage in my lifetime! Darek’s therapist was Angela and he was so pleased that he is talking about returning!! They were remarkably talented and very nice people who made us feel very welcome.
After our massages we were greeted with a glass of water and an invitation to use the hot pools. There are 3 pools outdoors which hold about 9 people each. The view of the mountains is great and the whole area is spotless! I felt really confident that the pools were very clean and well maintained. The steam room was not in service at this time so we were not able to experience that amenity. As we sat down in the pool the sun came out and I really couldn’t have pictured a better way to spend our anniversary!


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1 Response to Canmore Spaaaaaaah!

  1. Caroline says:

    Looks and sounds splendid! Happy anniversary 🙂

    Caro xo

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