Discovering Vegas

The first time we went to Vegas was October of this past year, I didn’t really care for it, and in fact, swore I would never go again. I have a secret to share…I am head over heels in love with the place. So what has changed…well the fist time we went to Vegas I don’t think I was adequately prepared for how overwhelming this little city can be to a newcomer. The amount of action, money exchange, drinking, gambling and consumption of resources that takes place on a minute by minute basis is staggering. The overwhelming wealth that lives next door to desolate poverty, the abandonment of all rules and regulations and the constant pushing of all the boundaries is mind boggling. It took me weeks of reflection to understand the strip and its persona and it took me months to accept it, love it and enjoy it. I think some of the journey has been about finding my Vegas. Our first trip was with friends and so we experienced their Vegas. This is always an interesting way to explore any place on earth because you see it with eyes that are not quite your own which sometimes leads you to be more critical, naive or indifferent to place than if it had been your own discovery. This trip to Vegas was were I discovered my Vegas and where I was able to make peace with all the things that make this place both disgusting and charming!
Vegas- can be anything you desire. It is truly a chameleon. You can do the adventure trip and see the Grand Canyon, or take your girl friends and do the spa trip or your kids and do the rides trip…and it goes on and on….it is truly a place that can be whatever you desire.


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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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