A word about Shopping in Vegas….

So we drove through the Mojave which was one of the most amazing drives of my life! Watching for tortoises crossing the parched pavement, admiring the tenacity of the flora and fauna and its desire to survive and standing humbly in the greatness and majesty of snow covered peaks it was truly a life changing afternoon. As we left the desert and jumped on the interstate to Vegas we came upon a place called Primm.

Primm is odd, it is about 40 minutes outside of Vegas, has casinos and hotels galore connected by a light rail transit system but the sparkling gem is the outstanding Outlet Mall!!! Memorial Day weekend and the sales called my name like a siren song! My favourite store was the Chinese Laundry outlet shop where I scored 3 magnificent pairs of shoes. I am a huge Chinese Laundry fan so I was in a retail heaven. There is also a great Old Navy where Darek scored some good deals and a Tommy that had some good deals. I wouldn’t rent a car to go to Primm, but if you have a car with you…it is worth the drive.

So while we are on the subject of shopping in Vegas. I love the Victoria’s Secret and Sephora in Planet Hollywood. The customer service is outstanding and they always have great selection. So this little mall is called the Miracle Mile Shops and it is housed in Planet Hollywood. The shops at the Forum are amazing to look at, and if you are reading this and you are filthy rich- they will be great for you to shop at!! Tiffany, Dolce and Kate Spade beckon! There is a Macy’s and Fredrick’s of Hollywood at Fashion Show Mall up by Treasure Island, being a Fredrick’s fan I like to pop up there when I have a chance. I also love when Macy’s has a shoe sale- sweet bargains! The strip does offer some hard core shopping and a hop, skip and 15 dollar cab ride will get you to the Vegas Chelsea Premium Outlet. I have mild success here, nothing like the massive luck I have in Seattle and Palm Springs, but still enough to make my husband queasy!!

So if you are a shopper and you are heading to Vegas-take an empty suitcase because even the regular priced stuff at Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret and Sephora is something that you are not likely to find in Canada!


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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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