The beautiful world of Outlet Malls

I love shopping. I adore purses and swoon over shoes. I have been known to drool over a skirt and nearly fainted over a tiger print dress. In New York I was sure that I had passed and gone on to heaven-it was shopping ecstasy! Shopping in downtown Vancouver is an exercise in pretending I am posh and fabulous- which is sometimes fun. Trolling Queen Street in Toronto is always a treasure hunt and I always feel very Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles. While these two cities are a great past times- quite frankly there is nothing on earth like a good American outlet mall!! We just don’t do outlet malls in Canada like they do in America! The American outlet mall calls your name seductively from 100’s of miles away, it lures you in with wildly discounted Coach bags, kisses your neck with desperately cheap Guess shoes and tells you it will love you forever with grossly discounted Juicy Couture……what a beautiful relationship! So it is no surprise that I sent 9 glorious hours at the Desert Hills Premium Outlet Mall during their Memorial Day sale event. Now let’s be clear people- we are talking about an outlet mall- let me clarify-Premium Outlet mall (think Gucci, Prada, Dior, Diane VonFurstenburg) where everything is already cheap is having a SALE!!!! Well my Mastercard has not seen so much action. Seriously the deals were amazing. I bought out half the Guess store and put a pretty good dent in the Columbia outlet. We went nuts at Reebok and Nine West didn’t stand a chance! This outlet mall is hands down one of the most incredible and heavenly places I have ever had the honour to shop at!!


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