For the Love of Food

So while I am on the subject of coffee joints, the natural progression is food. Now let me just say as a practicing gluten free vegan, eating out is often an interesting game. Thankfully the vegan part is a choice and if faced with either starvation or the hind quarter of an animal- I have no problem, moral or otherwise, eating the fried up beast. Now gluten, on the other hand, is a sly rival that can show up anywhere and cause me anything from mild pain to an outright 3 alarm washroom raid. So we must walk cautiously around menus, playing the question game with wait staff and still live out my passion for great food.
Down the coast I tossed my vegan ways out the door and ate every creature that inhabits our oceans! From clams to crabs to salmon and scallops they all graced my palate. I would like to mention no matter where we ate on the coast, the seafood was fresh, pure in its preparation and quite often accompanied by organic sides of leaves and veg!
Now Palm Springs is a different monster altogether- in the middle of the desert what would one expect to find? Well the best darn Mexican food north of the border! Yes it was a Mexican paradise. Now listen up my gluten free friends, Mexican food is a gift from gluten free heaven because nachos (my favourite food group on earth) are made from corn. In fact I found that a little chat with the waiter and you can have just about any type of bean or animal rolled up, set beside or accompanied by (usually homemade) corn chips or corn tortillas!
So our first night in Palm Springs we ate….Indian! Yes, so it seems that on Monday’s many of the Mexican restaurants close and therefore my dreams of mole sauce and nachos was dashed. What we did find is some of the yummiest Indian food ever! Delhi Palace is on the North end of Palm Canyon Drive and just a jump from our hotel. The price was silly cheap, the portion was out of control and the taste was ridiculous yummy. Indian is a great choice for me as it is easy to get vegetarian and rice is gluten free so it is a worry free dining environment for my stomach. And eat we did! Boy we waddled out of that place, grateful for a change of pace from seafood and chowder!
Now on our second night we tucked right in to some incredible Mexican and hands down my favourite restaurant in Palm Springs is Las Casuelas Terraza. Right in the middle of the strip in downtown Palm Springs this is a place that will stimulate all your senses. Go early or make reservations if you want to sit on the patio. Now we went on Tuesday night so had no problem getting in but by Thursday the wait was over 1/2 just for a table in the restaurant not on the juicy patio. So why the patio you ask- because a live band plays while you eat and the senior citizens and drunk tourists dance- it is a riot!! The Margarita’s are gigantic and amazing! You get free corn chips and salsa when you sit down and then they just keep magically appearing thanks to Martin-the nacho ninja. So this place is a serious operation. There are people outside the restaurant working crowd control, there are people in the restaurant and their sole job is spot empty plates or glasses and clear them immediately, then there are the servers-you have your main server and then at least of total of 3 others making sure your glass is never empty and then there are the nacho ninjas. The last corn chip in our basket had not even touched my lips and a fresh basket with salsa was sitting on our table. The ninja’s name was Martin and we started to chat with him; he said that this restaurant is like a Mexican home, no one should want for anything-ever! I wanted to test Martin’s ninja skills, hiding baskets, eating chips at varied paces-nothing could dvert this man-he is truly brilliant. There was an accidental margarita spill at the table next to us by a new and fairly nervous server, the server was sent home and the whole table had their whole bill take care of- that is customer service. Oh and the spill- took under 3 seconds to clean completely-a team of cleaners descended upon the offended area so fast I thought lightening had struck. They even asked the man if he needed dry cleaning for his pants. And, on top of all of this, the food was amazing. We lingered over our entrees and took in the ambiance that is Las Casuelas Terraza When we bid farewell to Martin the nacho ninja it was like parting from a dear friend. Las Casuelas Terraza is one of my fondest Palm Springs memories.


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