San Francisco- bread, chocolate and chowder!

We entered into the city via the Golden Gate bridge- that was cool! The toll is $6 but the experience really was priceless. If you have limited time and you are travelling by car- dole out the dosh and cross the bridge-it is fun! If you have unlimited time, good weather and a sense of adventure- you can rent a bike and bike/ walk across the bridge- looked pretty fun. It was waaaaay too windy for us to attempt. Yes- there has been a bit of a theme to the California and Oregon coasts-WIND- I can’t stand the stuff- so it factored into how much outdoor stuff we were willing to battle through! We cruised into the city and found a room at Travel Lodge- thanks to our handy coupon book we got it for a song! We were only 2 blocks from the pier and we were able to walk to the touristy cool places-which for this trip is what we wanted! So first stop Ghirardelli Chocolate- Yum! Making chocolate since the 1800’s, Ghirardelli is worth standing in line for!
Then it was a walk along the pier, now I have to admit, by this time my husband was pretty skilled at the art of chowder eating- in fact I have never seen someone consume so much chowder in so few days- you go baby! So now in San Fran could he not only taste some of the best chowder on earth- he could eat the bowl! That is right San Francisco is home to sourdough bread- the best in the world! So chowder and bowl were very happily digested with the verdict that San Fran has the best chowder thus far on the journey!
Walking along the pier is really a joy- street vendors, live music, people and pure happiness and joy everywhere- I felt giddy! (or it may have been the several bars of Ghirardelli chocolate-hmmmm)
Our tolerance for the unrelenting wind ended so we headed inland up the steepest hill in the whole city to the crookedest street in America- Lombard Street – this crazy street gave us a least an hour of entertainment watching cars navigate the twists and turns- and even more interesting- watching tourists try to take pictures of it all!!
We took a quick peek at China Town- which is the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. Always lots of hustle and bustle and sights and sounds to engage every single one of your senses.
By this time we were starving and headed down to the pier to eat supper by the water. The most beautiful scallops landed on my plate and I don’t think I could have asked for a better end to an amazing day in San Francisco!


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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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3 Responses to San Francisco- bread, chocolate and chowder!

  1. Caroline says:

    Ah! San Fran… great memories from there and they all involve you! I’m glad you were able to revisit the great city. Any signs of street magicians or cute boys to follow to Alcatraz? 😉

    • You know- it is been several thousand years ago that we were in San Fran together but I remembered the city like it was yesterday. We really want to go back for a long weekend. This time the cute boy I will follow is the one I am married to!! Great memories from our trip so long ago, especially the margaritas in Mexico! Thanks for being an adventurous travel partner!

  2. Caroline says:

    Hopefully we’ll get to travel together again some day soon 🙂

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