Palm Springs Morning Ritual-a fine latte

So my husband and I are complete opposites in everything, including sleeping patterns. While Darek will be wide eyed and bushy tailed at 2am, I am sound asleep by 9pm. Therefore you can imagine that as soon as the sun is up in the morning- so am I. Now this actually works out perfectly for us while on vacation because as my husband happily sleeps the morning away, I am left to my music, books and the search for great coffee shops! While in Palm Springs I started a fantastic Canadian novel called “The Book of Negros” it was a riveting read and l looked forward every morning to a nice walk into the downtown, a great latte and the next chapter.

So I discovered 3 coffee shops with very different vibes.The first coffee shop I found was not quite into the “downtown” but still along the main Palm Springs strip so it is pretty happening. The cafe is called Koffi, I had a great peach tea latte- not too sweet but just warmed up the belly for the rest of the day. Koffi is right beside a very cool bookstore and a chocolate shop. Oddly enough the chocolate shop was never opened when we were out and looking for sweets-however, I do hear from the locals that it is yummy! So Koffi has a fantastic courtyard where you can just pull up a lawn chair and relax. I met a really neat woman there one morning and the owner of the book shop, definitely where the locals go to seek out gossip! Now this place is a little on the uppity side- lots of upper class mom’s with babies, wealthy- no need to be employed-people and just those that love to be seen! I actually liked the vibe, and it provided me with quite a bit of entertainment outside of my book. Now a word of caution: if you take yourself as a very serious hippy, you probably won’t feel comfortable so keep on walking because I have a great place for you!

I have to admit I did go to Koffi twice while we were in Palm Springs, but I did dump it like an unfaithful boyfriend as soon as I found Ignition. Ignition is right in the heart of the downtown in Palm Springs and has a Hookah menu- need I say more. If you are a serious hippy, counterculture, left wing, socially conscious or suffer from angst due to our over materialistic capitalistic society- this is your place. The vibe is super zen. The matcha latte is organic and homemade. In fact most of the food is organic and homemade and the Hookah menu is larger than anything I have ever seen. Ignition is open late at night and makes a great soy milk hot chocolate. One morning when I was there- it was already 30C at 9am and the owner saw a man walking his dog so brought the dog some water- I totally dig people like that and knew that Ignition was my kinda place. I had some great conversations there and was given the space to dig into my book. I have to admit that when we return to Palm Springs I will likely go exclusively to Ignition-it’s simply my kind of people.

Now I did go to a place called Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This is actually a chain, very commercial, very chemical and not a whole lot of atmosphere. It is okay in a pinch as it has a great deal of outdoor seating. It is across from Ignition and kitty corner to Starbucks so it gets a very odd mix of traffic.

Palm Springs in the morning is a cool place to be; people are out and about and there is a lot of hustle and bustle before the heat of the day sets in. Set your alarm and enjoy the early morning with a great cup of something special from one of the local coffee shops!


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