The Road to San Fran

So we are in the middle of these Redwoods-jaws on the ground-thinking…we are no where near the ocean. So a switchback narrow road takes us up and over the mountain to the sea-it was pure fun! It’s about 6pm and we hit the ocean- blue/green with gentle waves gently caressing the golden cliffs- we were undoubtedly in California. While the Oregon Coast is a challenge to humanity from Mother Nature (and in our case she won hands down) the North California Coast is your best friend ready to relax, gossip and share a glass of wine! The winding road that hung precariously to the cliffs made me think of a leading Hollywood hero with a car full of starlets, all sun kissed and lovely with the whole world stretching out before them cruising top down in a red convertable. We felt a new optimism, the grey savage beauty of the Oregon coast was replaced by a sunnier, calmer coast line. We finally called it quits around 8 and bunked down in a hotel in Mendocino. Mendocino is an interesting little town, our window looked out into the ocean which was so calm we barely knew it was there. Snuggled up so close to the Napa Valley the wine was leaping off the shelf asking to be tasted. We tried a fantastic local Chardonnay which tasted like sunshine!
After a good night’s sleep we started our 4 hour coastal journey from Mendocino to San Francisco-hands down one of my favourite drives on earth!!!The coastal road hugged the ocean all the way to San Fran. We had some of the most spectacular cliff and ocean views of our whole trip. All the way down the coast there are fantastic viewpoint spots where you can go hang out on the beach and play around on the rocks. We jumped out a number of times but the wind was fierce and in the end it won! There was one turnout area where it was so windy I couldn’t even get the car door open!!
As for eating…we stopped in the morning and got some nice gigantic cherries from a roadside vendor-so juicy and delicious! We snaked our way down the Point Reyes Station to the Cowgirl Creamery this is an organic and artisan cheese factory- super fun to look around and nibble your way through. Now beware- it was a sunny Sunday afternoon and Point Reyes was packed! This is one of the places folks living in San Francisco head to get out of the city. Full of bicyclists, Sunday drivers and wanderers! A pretty funky little place and worth the time to take a look around.
Just before you head into the city another great place is Stinson Beach. Fantastic little downtown; pubs, live bands, loads of people enjoying a warm summer afternoon and completely great vibe.
Seriously a fantastic drive- take your time and enjoy the pleasures of the Golden North Coast!


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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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