Heading South

The weather in Oregon was deteriorating and forecasts showed no end to the rain or chilly temperatures so we decided to head south. From Newport down to the California coast was really a hop, skip and jump as they say. The scenery was lovely and we were blessed with some moments of clear weather and good visibility. With a good cup of tea in our hands, we were quite happy to enjoy some good tunes and look at the stunning scenery at every turn. As we headed into California, sneaking along the North California Coast, the rain stopped and we were only left with wind and chilly temperatures which was a nice change! The North California Coast didn’t seem to us a rugged and savage and the sea looked somewhat calmer. As we headed southward we went inland slightly and headed into the Redwood State Park- WOW!!! I didn’t understand that trees could be so regal, so breathtaking and invoke such peace and calm-these things are amazing. Some of the trunks were larger than our car! I simply couldn’t believe my eyes-if you are in California-make it part of your journey to see these magnificent trees-it really was one of the most jaw dropping places that we have seen!


About shelleyadventure

Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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