Canmore…My favourite place

So before I begin I need to tell you a bit about my relationship with Calgary. I am not from here and honestly it has just never settled into my heart as home. I am from SouthWestern Ontario and I miss the beach, the humid summer, the hustle and bustle, everyone always busy and something going on all the time! I lived six years in Eastern Europe and miss the beaches, the laid back attitude, the afternoons in cafes and the evenings by the bonfire. Calgary, has been for us a tough row to hoe. We have found here jobs that treat us well, an affordable house that now has loads of equity and a love for mountains and recreation we never would have discovered on our own, and we battle with the climate, the lack of community and big city feel. Over the years we have tried our best to live in gratitude for the city that has given us much, and we look forward to the day that we find ourselves in warmer, less hostile climates! So in trying to live in gratitude and exploration we have found many gems in the area-the best in my opinion is Canmore. I love Canmore no matter what season or weather, this little town has a great vibe and always lots going on.

Canmore is a little under an hour outside of the city. We love it because there is no park fee (you don’t pay until you get to gates heading to Banff), the restaurants are not as expensive or pretentious as in Calgary and Banff, it is an eco-friendly place and it really is where the cool kids come to play.

Yesterday we arrived to find the Artwalk festival. There was a car show, the main street was closed for vendors, the weather was amazing and we went for a mega walk by the river. My favourite coffee/dessert place is hands down Coffee Mine. It is now located in an old house right on main street. The best desserts in the world- and huge- take a friend! Loads of teas to choose from and a great matcha latte, the food looks spectacular but we always end up there not hungry and only craving sugar! Great place, nice people and super service!


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Love the journey and relish the destination. Live to travel and share in adventure. I hope this blog helps you find your adventure!
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